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To email a staff member with any comments, questions, or concerns, click the blue envelope next to their name. If the staff member's name is gray, you can click on their name to view their web page.

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Administration/Office Staff

Baskerville, Jinx (505) 883-5680 ex.46246 Principal
Calhoun, Cristin (505) 883-5680 ex.46212 Dean of Students
Chanter, Karin (505) 883-5680 ex.46280 (Front Desk) Front Desk Secretary
Covington, Latasha (505) 883-5680 ex.46281 Secretary
Lopez, Amber (505) 883-5680 ex.46243 Childcare Manager


Cabral, Diane (505) 883-5680 ex.46236 Teacher-Dime Time/Science
Chavez, Tristan (505) 883-5680 ex.46233 Teacher-Health
Cooper, Ron (505) 883-5680 ex.46230 Teacher-Sped-Cte
Daniel, Naomi (505) 883-5680 ex.46237 Teacher-English/Computer Apps
Davis, Susan (505) 883-5680 ex.45629 Teacher-Art/Child Development
Edwards, Thomas (505) 883-5680 ex.45627 Teacher-Math/Social Studies
Escoto, Sylvia (505) 883-5680 ex.46234 Teacher-Social Studies/Spanish
Fisk, Kurt (505) 883-5680 ex.45633 Teacher-Math
Gallegos, Ralph (505) 883-5680 ex.46235 Teacher-Science
Gayumba, Elizabeth (505) 883-5680 ex.46219 Teacher-Math
Mehta, Purnima (505) 883-5680 ex.46016 Teacher-Math
Ortiz, Jennifer (505) 883-5680 ex.46232 Teacher-Dime Time/English
Padilla, Anthony (505) 883-5680 ex.45635 Teacher-Social Studies
Rafferty, Mary (505) 883-5680 ex.46238 Teacher-English/Film
Ryan, Jeannie (505) 883-5680 ex.46248 Teacher-Home Hospital/Drivers Ed
Sanchez, Debra (505) 883-5680 ex.46241 Teacher-Credit Recovery Math
Sims, Nelleka (505) 883-5680 ex.45630 Teacher-English/Ceramics
Winsett, Sara (505) 883-5680 ex.46231 Teacher-Math/Science

Supporting Staff

Dawson, Susan Educational Assistant
Lopez, Nancy Educational Assistant


Adair, Noorcka Childcare Staff
Aliyeva, Sarvarhon Childcare Staff
Baca, Maria Childcare Staff
Baker, Dolores Childcare Staff
Cabrera Perez, Carla Childcare Staff
Carriaga, Angel Childcare Staff
Carrillo, Jessenia Childcare Staff
Chavez, Arellana Childcare Staff
Griego, Samantha Childcare Staff
Holloway, Johanna Childcare Staff
Marquez, Thalia Childcare Staff
Mazzullo, Emma Childcare Staff
Mendoza, April Childcare Staff
Mendoza, Rosalie Childcare Staff
Miller, Carol Childcare Staff
Mustafa, Cindy Childcare Staff
Nevarez, Veronica Childcare Staff
Padilla, Betty Childcare Staff
Peace, Leanne Childcare Staff
Romero, Tylor Childcare Staff
Rubio, Veronica Childcare Staff
Thomas, Devona Childcare Staff
Vonderhaar, Stephanie Childcare Staff
Winney, Regina Childcare Staff

Contact Info

5400 Cutler, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110 

Phone: (505) 883-5680
Fax: (505) 880-3977


Arzate, Jasmin
Ripple, Jane


Mcbride, Kathleen

Nursing Staff

Berg, Toni
Higgins, Olivia
Nurse Assistant

Social Worker

Gonzales, Patricia
Social Worker


Jordan, Cathy


Salto-garcia, Lupe

Cafeteria Staff

Bass, Desiree
Cafeteria Staff
Espinosa, Debbie
Manager Cafeteria
Hermosillo, Victoria
Cafeteria Staff
Hernandez, Martha
Cafeteria Staff
Montoya, Loretta
Cafeteria Staff


Estrada, Philip
Fierro, Luis
Quezada, Nancy
Head Custodian

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